Board Minutes, 8/19/2015

Posted By Scott Jones

Rotary Board Meeting

August 19, 2015


Members Present: Jason McKnight, Leslie Thomas, Kristen Krebs, Jenny Gardner, Adam Blanch and Scott Jones
No Secretary’s Report from July

No Treasurer’s Report from July.  It was discussed to have the Rotary Account audited (Board will brainstorm ideas of who and when). Jason McKnight suggests that we send out reminders to the Scholarship Applicants.

District Assembly is coming up and Scott suggests that we get a presence at the Assembly and maybe Club help out with some expense. Leslie Thomas proposed that the Club pay for the Rotarian’s expense, not to include the expense for spouse/family. Limited to 3 members. After club discussion the final proposal will be to designate $500 and see what interest we have.

Scott Jones reported that our club had been approached by the Marshfield Booster Club to work the concession at a Football game, date requested August 31, 2015.

Scott Jones proposed that we meet with local Boy Scout leaders to see where our donation funds are being allocated (are funds staying local}. Jason McKnight made a motion to table the discussion regarding our continuing support of the Boy Scout Club. Kristen Krebs, seconded. Board all in favor.

Leslie Thomas stated that new members need to be plugged in and involved immediately.

Leslie Thomas reported on the 2 Interact Clubs. Niangua is looking for a sponsor and Marshfield has a sponsor (Amanda Robertson).

There is Rotary Park work day scheduled for September 12’h and Leslie would like the members to have at-shirt.

Leslie Thomas reported on New Generations and wants us as Club to encourage our children to be involved and if they do any work/volunteer each will receive a certificate.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at noon at DD Hamilton Title Co.

Respectfully submitted by Jenny Gardner, Club Secretary

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