Meeting Recap, 12/1/2015

Posted By Scott Jones

Happy Tuesday, Rotarians.

Can you believe it is December already? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Need to Know:

  1. *****Big news about our Romance Raffle: Our Romance Raffle will be held on Friday, February 12, 2016 at the Holy Trinity Parrish Hall. ********** Changing the date and location was a big decision with pros and cons on both sides and here is why: Several organizations use the Marshfield Community Center, which has hosted our previous Romance Raffles, including basketball teams and a couple of churches. One of the churches meets on Sunday mornings at the Center, but does all of its set-up for the church on Saturday nights. The church apparently has a contract giving them possession of the center at 8:00 PM on Saturday evenings for the set-up. There is apparently another church that usually meets earlier on Saturdays there, too. The Center hosts basketball on Friday evenings. There are multiple obstacles for our usual venue this year, and even if we were able to negotiate with the Center and the churches to hold our event there, how would our event mojo be if we potentially inconvenienced two congregations? Would we be alienating community members by interfering with their weekly worship? Availability for set-up and clean up for our event would also be limited. The Holy Trinity Parrish Hall allows alcohol and appears to be sizable enough to hold our event. There are some concerns about acoustics in the venue, which we will attempt to address as much as possible. Since Holy Trinity has a Saturday evening mass, the Hall is not available on Saturday night, hence the need to move our event to Friday night. Unfortunately with the size and nature of our event, and the limited venues available in Marshfield, there is not a perfect option. Please put the new date on your calendar.
  2. December has five Tuesdays. We will not have a regular club meeting on the 5th Tuesday; instead we will be having a 5th Tuesday bowling party on Tuesday, December 29th from 6:30-8:00 PM at Andy B’s, 1127 E. Battlefield, Springfield MO (formerly Battlefield Lanes). The club will cover lane fees/shoe rental. Spouses, family and potential new members are welcome, but we need to know how many lanes to reserve, so we need a headcount by next Tuesday. Please sign up at next week’s meeting or let Brian Drane know within the next week how many will be attending. Thanks to Brian for organizing this fun event!
  3. It’s pecan time again. Bags of both halves and pieces are available at MFA. Pecans are $10.00 per bag of either halves or pieces. Amy Wilkerson has fliers and display boxes for anyone who needs them. Jason McKnight has already sold two cases!
  4. To expand the good works of the club, we would like to add at least one more fundraiser next year. Suggestions so far include a vehicle raffle, golf cart/gator raffle, golf tournament and a color run/5K. If you have any other suggestions for a fundraiser for 2016, please contact Scott Jones.
  5. Speakers for the rest of December are still TBD. If you know of a potential speaker, please let Scott Jones know ASAP.
  6. Our next board meeting will be Monday, December 14th at noon. It will be held at Southern Missouri Bank. All members are welcome.
  7. Go ahead and put this on your calendar now: our 3rd Annual Romance Raffle will be held on Friday, February 12, 2016.
  8. Go ahead and put this on your calendar now: the Marshfield Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2016, with a rain date of March 19th.

Meeting Recap

There were no guests today but we had several members back after some time off. Following a lengthy leave of absence, Debbie Wiese is back with us. Welcome back, Debbie! We’ve missed you!

Rotary Anniversaries for December: Joe Daugherty (member 6 years), Gary Griffin (6 years), Kristin Krebs (6 years) and Don Stockton (5 years).

Treasurer Jason McKnight reminded us that he has a portable card reader and can swipe credit cards at meetings for anyone who wants to pay dues, buy pecans, etc., by credit card on Tuesdays. There is a small convenience charge for paying dues by card. If you have a Pay Pal account, you may also pay your dues to the club in that manner. Naturally, checks and cash are still accepted.

We had no speaker today. We elected our officers for the upcoming 2016-2017 Rotary year. There were no contested elections. Our officers for the upcoming year are: Amy Wilkerson, President; Brian Drane, President Elect; Chan Crooker, Vice President; Janet Silvus, Secretary; Jason McKnight, Treasurer; Adam Blanch, Sergeant at Arms. Congrats to our new officers!

There will be some changes to some of our committee leadership for the upcoming year. There will be a list of new committee chairs available at a later date.

We filled the remaining time discussing our progress on our Club Vision Project. We would like to our current members have a real emotional investment in the club. If our members feel that their membership is valuable, they will more active and more likely to invite potential new members to join. Strengthening and growing the club will extend our reach in the community. There are a lot of businesses and classifications that are not represented in our club. Do you know someone in the club who would be a great Rotarian? Invite them to a club meeting and/or social event.

Final Thoughts

“How did it get so late so soon?

It’s night before it’s afternoon.

December is here before it’s June.

My how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?”

Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel) (1904-1991)

Did anyone else watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special on TV last night? The show is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has not lost any of its relevance over the years. I love everything about it: the incredible Vince Guarldi jazz score; the acknowledgment (in a kid’s show, no less) that you can be melancholy during the holidays; the characters’ incredible dance moves to “Linus and Lucy”. It doesn’t seem like the Christmas season until I hear Linus explain the true meaning of Christmas.

Marshfield Rotary Club: Raising the bar through leadership, giving and education.
Yours in Rotary Service,

Kristin Grace Krebs

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