Meeting Recap 2/19/2019

Guests: Nelson Heidiger, our speaker Chuck Cooksey Our speaker this week was Chuck Cooksey, teacher at Marshfield Junior High and the faculty sponsor for Marshfield D.C. Travelers. Each year, Mr. Cooksey takes a group of Marshfield students on a trip […]

Rotary Clubs Come Together...

Rotary clubs harness international connections to tackle U.S. opioid crisis Clubs in Mexico, India, and Canada help members in New York launch community project Click below for the full story  

Meeting Recap 1/22/2019

Meeting Recap Guests: David Pomerenke, Amy Gardner, Christopher Jones, Allie Jones & Hanna Jones This week Christopher Jones, Allie Jones and Hanna Jones spoke to us about the new age of work and technology, and how to attract Millennials to […]