Meeting Recap 5/28/2019

Posted By Tim Lewis

Our speaker this week was Randy Clair, who spoke to us about the upcoming Carnivor Festival on Saturday, June 15 from 3:00 PM-11:00 PM. The Carnivor Festival is a new fundraising event for local charities and an awareness event for Marshfield’s Route 66 Association. More than 3,000 cars per month travel Route 66 as tourists, but most don’t deviate from the mapped route that bypasses the majority of Marshfield businesses. Decades ago, there was an alternate route that went around the Marshfield square. The Marshfield Route 66 Association is working to get a rededication of that official alternate route. With this designation, the alternate city route would appear on maps for Route 66 tourists, which will hopefully be a boon to businesses along the route. The Route 66 Association is hoping to raise funds for new signage for the city route.

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