Meeting Recap, 10/25/2016

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Happy Tuesday, Rotarians.

Need to Know

  1. Upcoming speakers: On November 1st, Jerry Armstrong will be speaking to us about his experiences as a member of the Texas Western (now University of Texas – El Paso) 1966 Men’s NCAA Championship team. The team was the first major college team to field an all-black starting lineup. The film Glory Road was inspired by the team. On the 8th, Michelle Kimrey of Goodman’s Manufacturing will be with us; on the 22nd motivational speaker Don Harkey will be doing a presentation.
  2. November 29th is a fifth Tuesday so we will not have a regular meeting. We will be having a social event with a “swap meet” of Paul Harris points with the object of making more club members Paul Harris Fellows. More details will follow.
  3. Our Romance Raffle will be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017 at the MCC. We will not be partnering with the MACF after this year, so we need club members to actively participate in the preparation process now, so the club will be prepared to take this fundraiser on as a solo event next year. The Romance Raffle Committee will meet at Chuck Replogle’s office tonight at 5:15 PM.
  4. Congrats to Amy Wilkerson, Scott Jones and Chan Crooker who all became Paul Harris Fellows at District Conference this weekend. Rotary International Conference will be held in Atlanta this June if anyone is interested in attending.

Meeting Recap

Our guests this week: Amy Wilkerson brought Tim Lewis with Show-Me Power. Scott Jones’ wife Gail and three of their sons (all redheads!) were with us today. Janet Silvus brought her nephew.

Our presentation this week was from Carl Hefner and Andrea Sitzes about the business incubator at the Carl G. Hefner Enterprise Center in Ozark. Andrea is with the Ozark Chamber of Commerce. Carl operated a pharmacy in Ozark for 33 years. The Enterprise Center was born out of the Chamber with a goal of developing and strengthening entrepreneurship. The Center offers affordable office space, business coaching and mentorship, networking and shared resources for entrepreneurs. The Center was started with a USDA grant and a capital campaign. It is housed in the Ozark Chamber’s office building. The Center helps businesses get started so they can “set sail” and move on into the community. The goal is to have clients move on within 5 years. As a long-term goal, the Center hopes to add micro loans. Although it originally started as an Ozark city project, the Center is rebranding itself as a countywide initiative. For more information, check out

Final Thoughts

Since Halloween is coming up, I already had the above video of Halloween surrealness picked out, but I noticed on a calendar that today is St. Crispin’s Day. As such, today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt fought on October 25, 1415. The battle is dramatized in one of the greatest works of English literature, William Shakespeare’s Henry V. Here is the famed St. Crispin’s Day Speech as depicted in Kenneth Branagh’s film of the play.

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